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Welcome to the website of the African Musicology On-line Journal. The Journal is an International, peer-reviewed, e-journal on African Musicology. The journal is published bi-annually by:
C/o Dr Rose Omolo-Ongati, PhD.
Department of Creative and performing Arts,
Maseno University. Kenya.
African Musicology On-Line started out of the vision to develop the field of African Musicology by Africans themselves. The vision was born in Malaysia in 2006 when few African Musicologists met to form the Bureau for the Development of African Musicology.

The aims and objective of African Musicology Online are as follows:
• To serve as the African voice in the field of Musicology at the international level.
• To publish original research papers and reviews by Africans on their own music (encompassing all categories of African music).
• To foster mutual co-operation among African scholars in the field of African Musicology.
• To promote and develop the concept and practice of African Musicology, by Africans.

African Musicology Online is not sponsored by any foreign body neither is fund received from any organization. Interested Sponsors and donors should contact us.







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